• Hello,
    I am Chehwan SEO, the 13th Chairman of the Korean Society of Cartoon and Animation Studies. I truly welcome you to the Korean Society of Cartoon and Animation Studies. Founded in 1996, the KOSCAS has established the philosophical foundation of Korean cartoons and animations and led the advancement of related industries and the public art and culture, thanks to the member’s devoted endeavors. Pioneering the cultural contents of korea, the KOSCAS is :

  • ※ Issuing journals for theoretical and substantial exploration of cartoon and animation, hosting academic contests and exhibitions, exchanging academic information with local and international institutions, and actively cooperating with indus-tries and academic for the philosophical foundation and globalization of cartoons and animations;
    ※ Contributing to the industrial development of cartoons and animations through broad activities related to cultural contents, such as cartoons, animations, webtoons, characters, games, VFX, and videos.
    ※ Successfully hosting the international BIAF(Bucheon International Animation Festival) and nurturing the pride of members with it. Our mission is to build ’a society that is exciting and entertaining, ‘a society that meets the needs of contemporary people,’ and ‘a society that brings pride to the member’s in pursuit of “New Challenges.”

    The KOSCAS will take leadership roles for the development and activation of cartoons animations and contribute to the development of Korea’s cultural contents for the interests of members. We also promise to take leadership roles to communi-cate with the members and be open to their voices as always. Thank you.

  • Chairman of ‘Korean Society of cartoon & Animation Studies’
    Chehwan SEO