Korean Society of Cartoon and Animation Studies: KOSCAS
KOSCAS, Korean Society of cartoon and Animation Studies, which was established in 1996, is an academic society that is consisted of professors, art-workers, and producers of cartoon and animation


The cartoon and animation industry showed a rapid growth during 90’s compare to the past, with increased interest by general social groups. Also cartoon and animation departments were exceedingly increased with resulting requirements for more professional art and animation department were exceedingly increased with resulting requirements for more professional art and scientific studies and educational environment.
KOSCAS was established with the requirement of this era and the change of acknowledgement in the society, and various activities of academic studies, symposiums, seminars, and lecture meetings are frequently provided. Also KOSCAS operates Puchon International Student Animation Festival, manages College Theater that is one of the most important events in Seoul International Student Animation Festival, and publishes an academic journal of major treatises on Korean cartoon and animation.
KOSCAS has keep a close relationship with major authorities and societies of cartoon and animation in Korea and makes fruitful recommendations to the government and municipal communities for decision making on cultural and industrial strategies.
The Society participates in various international events with deep concern on cooperation and interchange with academic societies, colleges, and other countries. Its principal office is in Seoul Animation center that is located in Nam-mountain that has a beautiful scene and excellent geographic condition in Seoul. Welcome to our office when any person visits Korea in relation to cartoon and animation culture, industry, art, and science.

Purpose of the Society

KOSCAS is a society to perform various roles for promotion of media contents industry of published cartoons and animation. Its major purpose is academic activities, research, and for this, publishes academic journals and provides academic meetings. Also, KOSCAS intends to be a supporter for development of cartoon and animation industry and culture in Korea, through publication of reference materials and arrangement of seminars and forums.
Furthermore, KOSCAS has the purpose to plan and perform the business that may support the creation of educational environment and improvement of achievement level of students. Recommendations on related industry of culture are collected from and reflected to its members, and it has an important role-protection of members benefits. Maximization of profit and enhancement of friendship through interchange among members are also a kind of its essential purpose.

Major Business

01. Puchon International Student Animation Festival

The Puchon International Student Animation Festival, which is managed by The Society, is an international festival which animation- related students participate in. The festival is held by a small town, Puchon, and the Society constructs its organizing committee and manages the festival. The 11th PISAF of this year, which had been held for the first time in 1988, is provided with various ambitious programs. For more detailed information, please refer to attached pages-advertisement.

02. College Theater in Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival

SICAF (Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival) was started as an introduction event of various cartoons and animation with purpose of development of Korean cartoon and animation industry, and has become a representative cartoon and animation festival that growing up to an international festival of the world The Society is done of the managing organizations and the college Theater is directly managed by the Society and is an important section for confirmation of achievement of works made by students who will be responsible for the future of Korean cartoon and animation.

03. publication of an academic journal Cartoon & Animation Study

The academic journal, Cartoon & Animation Study, has been being published and the recent issue is Volume No. 14. This journal is constructed with various cartoon and animation of the year, and consists qualified treatises through elaborate inspection and takes an important role of theoretical foundation of Korean culture industry.

04. Academic Meeting

Academic Meeting is held with convention of the Society together, with publication of academic journal, usually. The academic meetings have the characteristic feature to inspect the treatises in the academic journal and to make point of treatises clear and secure. Personnel of related organizations, college and postgraduate students, and the members of academic societies, as those of the Society, participate in this academic meeting.

05. Other Forums/Seminars/Study Activities

The Society frequently arranges various forums seminars and performs study activity through the year. Through the Society’s business, theoretical basis of Korean cartoons and animation that are the process of active industrialization are provided with to the government and societies and organizations.